25 January 2009

"1000 Oceans" by Tokio Hotel - Sorry Ashley!

I owe an apology to Ashley for not rating the Killers' "Day And Age". Well, I'll give it 4 stars. Happy Ashley?

Anyway, back to the review.

I chose this song to review because I love this song, and I had yet to do a song by Tokio Hotel.

This song is kinda slow, yet kinda not. I love how after you listen to it several times, the bass is clearly heard, and I LOVE bass. Not that the other instruments suck.

"1000 Oceans" is about...
Well, it's about something. It's about..having to go through hard times or deal with obstacles in order to be happy and/or be with the one you love and/or live how you want to live, not what someone else wants for you.. For example:

We have to go a thousand oceans wide
A thousand times against an endless tide
We'll be free to live our lives.

This song has my favorite line from any song that I've heard so far. The line is: Please don't drift away from me. I just think it's so...touching. Besides the fact that Bill (the singer) can sound kinda whiny at times.

I give this song 5 out of 5 stars. The only thing it's lacking is a good piano part.

rock on,


PS: Check out Tokio Hotel's new DVD, Tokio Hotel TV: Caught On Camera. I've watched it, and it's awesome!

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Skiprilla95 said...

You... are... EVIL!!!!!!! The Killers deserve to have an entire BLOG dedicated to them, much more than a paragraph. Cry cry, sob sob, tear tear.