06 January 2009

"Good Enough" by Evanescence

Since no one is requesting songs and this is my favorite song, I'm reviewing it.

This song is beautiful. Consisting of only piano, strings, and Amy Lee's voice, it is, in the singer/lyricist's words, "one of our [Evanescence's] bravest songs." (I'm not 100% positive if that's the exact quote..but you get what I'm saying.) And it is. It's a happy song. Nothing about death, dying, drowning, screaming, being trapped, depressed, sad, or anything else that Evanescence has sung about in the past. It's a nice change.

This song is about the singer feeling 'good enough' for the person she loves, and it's the first time she's felt like that. The lyrics express that, and a sense of calm. Almost like the calm after a storm. Which is exactly how Amy Lee felt about the song. She said that the other songs (like "Call Me When You're Sober", "Snow White Queen", "Sweet Sacrifice", etc.) were like all the things she had to go through, and this song was the result of all those bad/sad things.

I give this song 5 out of 5 stars. It is my favorite song of all time (so far), and it is my favorite to play on piano. The lyrics and music are, in my mind, as close to perfect as possible.

rock on,

PS: Sorry about the cheesy-ness. Sometimes it's necessary.

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