30 April 2009

Hello again. Remember me?

Yeah, I'm the blog writer that ALMOST abandoned her blog. Well, since summer is FINALLY just around the bend and because I will be as bored as HECK over the summer, I'd thought I'd start blogging again.

rock on,


27 January 2009

"Angels" by Within Temptation

Link is now up! It's the Black Symphony version of the song.

This song starts out really pretty with strings and Sharon den Adel's soprano voice. There is no doubt that she's a soprano. Then drums slowly build up into the chorus. It kinda stays on the same level from there.

"Angels" is about a person who the singer thought was good and nice etc., but they turn out to be mean and cruel. This song is my theme song right now for reasons I'm not saying. The video is also about someone like that. The singer is a hitch-hiker, and a vicar picks her up in his convertable. Long story short, he turns out to be a killer of women. So you can guess what happens. But there's sort of a twist, and if you watch it, I'm telling you, it's a weird video.

I give this song 4 out of 5 stars. It's too high for us altos to sing along with. And it's not the best song ever.

rock on,


"Human" by the Killers

Link is here!

This song is pretty cool. As I type these words, the chorus is running through my head....


It's pretty catchy and gets stuck in your head like that *snaps*. I have no clue what it's about, but it's a lot of fun to play on Guitar Hero. You have to download it, though.

I give this song 4 out of 5 stars. I like it, but I don't just love it.

rock on,


25 January 2009

"1000 Oceans" by Tokio Hotel - Sorry Ashley!

I owe an apology to Ashley for not rating the Killers' "Day And Age". Well, I'll give it 4 stars. Happy Ashley?

Anyway, back to the review.

I chose this song to review because I love this song, and I had yet to do a song by Tokio Hotel.

This song is kinda slow, yet kinda not. I love how after you listen to it several times, the bass is clearly heard, and I LOVE bass. Not that the other instruments suck.

"1000 Oceans" is about...
Well, it's about something. It's about..having to go through hard times or deal with obstacles in order to be happy and/or be with the one you love and/or live how you want to live, not what someone else wants for you.. For example:

We have to go a thousand oceans wide
A thousand times against an endless tide
We'll be free to live our lives.

This song has my favorite line from any song that I've heard so far. The line is: Please don't drift away from me. I just think it's so...touching. Besides the fact that Bill (the singer) can sound kinda whiny at times.

I give this song 5 out of 5 stars. The only thing it's lacking is a good piano part.

rock on,


PS: Check out Tokio Hotel's new DVD, Tokio Hotel TV: Caught On Camera. I've watched it, and it's awesome!

14 January 2009

Newest Additon

Well, there's a new addition to the blog: Terry the Stingray.

You're probably thinking, What the **** is up with this insane blogger? Why the **** is she NAMING a freaking stingray?! That's not even real?!

He's cool.
And he needs a name.

He's named after Evanescence's guitarist, Terry Balsamo (is that how you spell it? I think it is). Anyway, I looked on Facebook and he has ELEVEN fans the last time I checked. That's including me.

I was like, What is up with that?! The music he and Amy Lee cowrote for The Open Door is amazing! He deserves more credit!!

So that's why I named an animated stingray after my favorite guitarist.

Click the title to see his Evanescence Reference page.

rock on,

Pandora - The Best Online Radio

This is the BEST online radio.


So, click on the title to go to the site, type in a song or artist name, and start listening!

Even though it's a short review (yes, it's a review), I give this site 5 out of 5 stars. I've discovered new songs and artists, including one of my new (well, new at the time) favorite bands, Within Temptation.

rock on,


PS: I've discovered that if you get the chance and you're at school, this site is not blocked. I'm not sure why, but it's not. So if you have a free period or a period where you can do almost anything except murder etc., then listen!!

Misheard Lyrics.

Well, since no one (except Ashley-sama) is sending in stuff to review, I decided to have a Misheard Lyrics post.

If you don't know what it is, it's kinda self-explanatory. Basically, people who were: a) bored b) have no life c) had nothing better to do or d) some other reason took a song, came up with some wacky lyrics, and made it into a YouTube video.

One of my favorites is "Tourniquet" by Evanscence. The video was posted by YamiGekusu. Click on the blog title to see it.

Feel free to send these in if you feel like they're worth putting on here.

And remember...

This blog has two parts. One part is provided by me, the other by you, the reader. I need your help in order to make this blog happen.

So. Anyways.

rock on,

09 January 2009

Things To Review

Well, I decided that you can request more than just songs. You can now request (in addition to songs):

1. Artist (Example: Evanescence)
2. Album/CD (Example: Black Symphony by Within Temptation)
3. Music Video (do you need an example?)
4. Instrument (Example: Piano)

And maybe some other things. Here's how to submit reviews for the above:

1. Artist - Give me the name (spelled as correctly as possible) and some of your favorite songs by the artist.
2. Album/CD - The name of the artist, album/CD, and some of your favorites from the CD.
3. Music Video - Name of the song, artist, and YouTube link to the video.
4. Instrument - The name of the instrument and a link to a picture you like of it. Maybe some stuff you know and/or you would like me to put on here. I'll see if I can find someone who plays it to ask them about it. (Note: Please do not pick obscure instruments that only a handful of people know about. I would love to learn about them, but I probably wouldn't be able to find someone who could play it.)

Remember, email the info (along with what you want me to call you) to xpurplexskiesx@gmail.com.

rock on,

06 January 2009

"Good Enough" by Evanescence

Since no one is requesting songs and this is my favorite song, I'm reviewing it.

This song is beautiful. Consisting of only piano, strings, and Amy Lee's voice, it is, in the singer/lyricist's words, "one of our [Evanescence's] bravest songs." (I'm not 100% positive if that's the exact quote..but you get what I'm saying.) And it is. It's a happy song. Nothing about death, dying, drowning, screaming, being trapped, depressed, sad, or anything else that Evanescence has sung about in the past. It's a nice change.

This song is about the singer feeling 'good enough' for the person she loves, and it's the first time she's felt like that. The lyrics express that, and a sense of calm. Almost like the calm after a storm. Which is exactly how Amy Lee felt about the song. She said that the other songs (like "Call Me When You're Sober", "Snow White Queen", "Sweet Sacrifice", etc.) were like all the things she had to go through, and this song was the result of all those bad/sad things.

I give this song 5 out of 5 stars. It is my favorite song of all time (so far), and it is my favorite to play on piano. The lyrics and music are, in my mind, as close to perfect as possible.

rock on,

PS: Sorry about the cheesy-ness. Sometimes it's necessary.

02 January 2009

"The Diary of Jane (Acoustic)" by Breaking Benjamin

This was requested by Cat-chan.

The normal version of this song is awesome, but the acoustic? Amazing. I like how even though the original is screaming guitars, this one's mostly piano. GO PIANO!!!

I still have no idea what this song's about, but it's awesome. The melody is beautiful which I hadn't realized before. I found myself starting to hum along. Which is a good thing....I think.

I give this song 5 out of 5 stars. One word sums it up: awesome. Sadly, iTunes doesn't have it, so GO LISTEN TO IT ON YOUTUBE!!!!

rock on,

Happy New Year

Just wanted to say happy new year! Hope you guys are having a good one.

rock on,