09 January 2009

Things To Review

Well, I decided that you can request more than just songs. You can now request (in addition to songs):

1. Artist (Example: Evanescence)
2. Album/CD (Example: Black Symphony by Within Temptation)
3. Music Video (do you need an example?)
4. Instrument (Example: Piano)

And maybe some other things. Here's how to submit reviews for the above:

1. Artist - Give me the name (spelled as correctly as possible) and some of your favorite songs by the artist.
2. Album/CD - The name of the artist, album/CD, and some of your favorites from the CD.
3. Music Video - Name of the song, artist, and YouTube link to the video.
4. Instrument - The name of the instrument and a link to a picture you like of it. Maybe some stuff you know and/or you would like me to put on here. I'll see if I can find someone who plays it to ask them about it. (Note: Please do not pick obscure instruments that only a handful of people know about. I would love to learn about them, but I probably wouldn't be able to find someone who could play it.)

Remember, email the info (along with what you want me to call you) to xpurplexskiesx@gmail.com.

rock on,

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