27 January 2009

"Angels" by Within Temptation

Link is now up! It's the Black Symphony version of the song.

This song starts out really pretty with strings and Sharon den Adel's soprano voice. There is no doubt that she's a soprano. Then drums slowly build up into the chorus. It kinda stays on the same level from there.

"Angels" is about a person who the singer thought was good and nice etc., but they turn out to be mean and cruel. This song is my theme song right now for reasons I'm not saying. The video is also about someone like that. The singer is a hitch-hiker, and a vicar picks her up in his convertable. Long story short, he turns out to be a killer of women. So you can guess what happens. But there's sort of a twist, and if you watch it, I'm telling you, it's a weird video.

I give this song 4 out of 5 stars. It's too high for us altos to sing along with. And it's not the best song ever.

rock on,


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