14 January 2009

Newest Additon

Well, there's a new addition to the blog: Terry the Stingray.

You're probably thinking, What the **** is up with this insane blogger? Why the **** is she NAMING a freaking stingray?! That's not even real?!

He's cool.
And he needs a name.

He's named after Evanescence's guitarist, Terry Balsamo (is that how you spell it? I think it is). Anyway, I looked on Facebook and he has ELEVEN fans the last time I checked. That's including me.

I was like, What is up with that?! The music he and Amy Lee cowrote for The Open Door is amazing! He deserves more credit!!

So that's why I named an animated stingray after my favorite guitarist.

Click the title to see his Evanescence Reference page.

rock on,

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