26 December 2008

"Life is Looking Up" by Forgive Durden

This was requested by MR.

This song is interesting. It's kinda cool. It's a part of a "'musical' concept album" called Razia's Shadow: the Musical. To be honest, I have no idea what it's about, but it has cool music. And it just sounds awesome.

I give this song 4 out of 5 stars. I had no idea what it was about, but I liked the sound.

rock on,

25 December 2008

Guitar Hero: World Tour

Okay, I know this has been out for a while, and it's not a song review. Well, since it has to do with music, I'm putting my opinon on here anyway. And I just got it today...


I think it's pretty amazing.

I love how you can make your own rock star. I made Bill Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel (http://www.tokiohotel.com/) except I made him a girl. Only because the hair style I wanted to use was only available for female rockers. Why, I have no idea.

So far, I've tried drums and bass. Drums was kinda weird at first, but once I got used to it, it was awesome. Bass is really easy (in my opinon), but it's fun to play the bassline of a song. Who knew that "Eye of the Tiger" had an amazing bass line? Besides Survivor's bassist, of course. XD

rock on,

PS: I would just like to say, when talking about music, the word "bass" is pronouced like base. I'm sure most of you know that, but there are some people (who shall remain unnamed) who think it's pronounced like the fish. It's just something that gets on my nerves.

"Rose of Noonvale" by Lindsey Connell

This song was requested by Molly F. And by the way, include what you like to go by, so I can put who requested it.

This song was short but pretty. Lindsey Connell's voice is...well, pretty, for lack of a better word. I liked how there wasn't a lot of music, making the main focus the singer's voice. The song is sad. It is about someone's death and another character's sorrow. It is from the TV series "Redwall".

I give this song 3 out of 5 stars. It was okay. Not something I'd listen to everyday, but it was pretty.

rock on,

23 December 2008

"Frozen" by Within Temptation

This song is, well, sad. Depressing is probably not the best word even though some of this band's songs are very depressing. I think this song is about a person (the singer) who did something (illegal maybe?) for the person he/she loved. The video for "Frozen" supports this(wow..I sound like a science teacher or something). It is about a mother who poisons an abusive father for the sake of her daughter. The chorus says:

Tell me I'm frozen
But what can I do?
Can't tell the reasons
I did it for you
When lies turn into truth
I'd sacrifce for you
You say that I'm frozen
But what can I do?

What I like most about this song is the music. I know that sounds weird, but I mean the piano, guitars, drums, and strings. The crescendos and decrescendos assist the singer (Sharon den Adel, I think) into making this song have the perfect mix of sadness and...what's the word...love, maybe?

I give this song 4 out of 5 stars. As much as I like it, it's not the number one best song out there. But it is definately an awesome song.

By the way, if you want to hear the song/watch the video, click on the title. It'll take you to the video's YouTube page.

rock on,

First Post!

Yay! It's the first post. Well, this is a blog about music. The title comes from the song 'Imaginary' by Evanescence. The chorus goes:

In my field of paper flowers
And candy clouds of lullaby
I lie inside myself for hours
And watch my purple sky fly over me.

The link name, well, let's just say that a certain someone (view her blog: viewinblue.blogspot.com) gave me the idea. She's very...interesting.

This blog will a) talk about random songs and b) review songs that people ask me to. If you would like me to review a song, please e-mail the following:

  1. The song name
  2. Artist name
  3. YouTube link
  4. What you would like me to put when I say: "This song is requested by ___."

to xpurplexskiesx@gmail.com.

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